Top view of white Y-Brush tray which form fits around your teeth and has 35,000 bristles. It is attached to the black vibrating base with a button on the face to turn it on.

CES 2024: Y-Brush Electronic Toothbrush

Allison Sheridan interviews Jad Sassine from Y-Brush about their innovative Y-Brush Electronic Toothbrush. Y-Brush has a handle that connects to a tray of 35,000 nylon bristles that form around your teeth to simultaneously brush them all, upper and then lower. To brush your teeth, you simply place the tray on your upper teeth, activate Y-Brush’s sonic vibrations, and move the tray back and forth for only 10 seconds. You repeat the process for your lower teeth so your total tooth-brushing time is only 20 seconds. This delivers the same effectiveness as a 2-minute traditional tooth brushing. You can purchase Y-Brush with two different rechargeable vibrating bases that each have a 3-month battery life or you can attach the Philips brand Sonicare base. The replaceable Y-Brush tray (without the vibrating base) is $29.90 U.S.

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