Fake University website showing how Silktide identifies web content issues with location specific callouts on the webpage such as "Broken form" and "Is this a decorative image?"

CSUN 2024: Silktide Website Accessibility & Content Checker

Allison interviews Oliver Emberton, Founder and CEO of Silktide, about their free website accessibility and content checker. Silktide allows web managers to find and fix accessibility, content, and user experience problems automatically.

Available as a free download on the Chrome Store, Silktide operates as a Chrome extension. It works on any Chromium-based browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Once installed, an array of website check tools become available including spelling, grammar, broken links, readability, images, content accessibility, and content SEO. Silktide even offers a screen reader simulator.

Silktide provides comprehensive and easy-to-understand explanations to resolve website problems, allowing teams to finish more quickly. By monitoring progress over time, Silktide ‘gamifies’ the process and inspires team members.

Designing web content that meets WCAG 2.2 and ADA accessibility guidelines is simplified using Silktide. It also supports data privacy by monitoring GDPR compliance across your websites.

The interview setting is the CSUN Assistive Tech Conference show floor at the Marriott Hotel in Anaheim, CA.

Learn more at https://silktide.com/

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