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CES 2024: Scosche Cables, Jumpers, and Modular Chargers

Allison interviews Darryl Miya from Scosche about their latest diverse line of products.

Darryl begins with their novel Strikeline Cobra USB-C magnetic cable that sticks to itself when you coil it up and also sticks to metal. Even with magnetism built into the cable, the cable remains supple and flexible when uncoiled.

Next, Darryl shows the Scosche’s Power Jumper which can deliver up to 2000 amps of peak power. It can jump-start vehicles having engines with up to 8 cylinders or 8 liters displacement. This device also acts as a backup battery with a USB-C and a USC-A port that together support up to 30 W of total power and a built-in flashlight. A single charge lasts about 6 months when not in use.

Darryl then shows Scosche’s BaseLynx 2.0 modular charging system. It is comprised of reconfigurable charging modules that attach to each other, eliminating the need for additional charging cables. Available charging modules include an AC power outlet with a 67W USB-C power port, a Qi2 wireless charging stand with an AirPods charging pad, a Birdstand that simultaneously holds and charges up to 3 iPhones, iPads, or a combination of the two with 3 USB-C ports supporting up to 60W total, and an Apple Watch charger. You can mix and match any of these charging modules and connect them up in any order to meet your specific needs.

Darryl concludes with the Scosche Magic Mount Flask with an adjustable Phone holder and a flip cap on the top that allows you to flip it, sip it, and mount your phone for viewing. It also has a BPA-free silicone water bowl for your pet.

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