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CSUN 2024: Bellman & Symfon Smart Home Products for Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Allison interviews Peter Jungvid, founder and owner of Bellman & Symfon, about their range of smart home solutions designed for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Peter begins with Bellman’s smart home wireless alerting devices. They sell transmitters to sense various household events such as a doorbell, telephone ring, baby crying, and smoke or carbon monoxide, all of which transmit to multiple receivers. When activated wirelessly by the sensor/transmitter, each receiver illuminates a colored LED where the color indicates the type of notification being received, e.g. green for doorbell, yellow for telephone, orange for baby crying, and red for smoke/carbon monoxide.

The notification devices include the Flashlight Receiver which, when activated, flashes a bright light that is very noticeable, even across a room. The Pager Receiver can be worn or placed in your pocket, producing a unique vibration indicating the received event. Like the other receivers, the Alarm Clock senses events and displays colored lights, but it also has an audio alarm with varying frequencies to help those who are hard of hearing wake up. The wired Bed Shaker receiver plugs into the Pager or Alarm clock and goes under your pillow or mattress to provide vibration alerts while in bed.

Peter then shows their Bluetooth Bedshaker placed under your pillow or mattress to help alert you while in bed. It is controlled and activated wirelessly through the Vibio mobile app.

Peter concludes with Bellman’s Hearing Amplifiers to help hear what others are saying. Their Maxipro is a handheld device that plugs into headphones and amplifies the sounds near you.

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