Ocutrx OcuLenz AR Headset showing two lenses, one for each eye, and two small openings for cameras above the lenses. A band on top of headset and another behind secures the headset on user's the head. The headset is white with orange and gray highlights.

CES 2024: Ocutrx AR Headset for Patients with Macular Degeneration

Allison Sheridan interviews Ocutrx Chief Operating Officer, Mitchael Freeman, about their AR headset that helps people with macular degeneration see better.

When first worn, OcuLenz glasses perform a visual field test to locate the visual defect, or scotoma, in each eye. With this information, OcuLenz creates a scotoma marker on the live video feed for each eye and moves the visual information outside of the marker to the region where the retina is functional. The brain can interpret the adjusted visual information to make sense of the image presented to the user. This greatly enhances the vision of people afflicted with macular degeneration.

OcuLenz has a wide 60-degree field of view and the image resolution is crisp 5K. The glasses are both WiFi and cellular connected and can act as your smartphone. OcuLenz has no wired connections so the user can move about without being tethered to other devices.

Other potential uses of OcuLenz are for surgeons, gamers, developers, and the military. OcuLenz is available for preorder now at the link below and is expected to be shipped sometime in mid-2024.

Learn more at https://www.ocutrxtech.com/

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