Touch Graphics company logo showing two hands at right angles to each other with fingers extended. The fingers overlay a grid pattern of red dots (indicating touch points) on a blue circular background.

CSUN 2024: Touch Graphics Interactive Tactile Displays

Allison interviews Lindsay Yazzolino and Steve Landau from Touch Graphics about two of their products that provide universal access using tactile designs.

The first is a custom tactile overlay for maps that provides orientation and wayfinding for people with visual impairment. Lindsay demonstrates the T3 Tablet that has various tactile overlays with raised features. The overlays are gamified to help people learn how to use the tactile display. In this example, the overlay shows how people can interactively navigate their way to a desired destination within an airport.

The second is a large touch tablet that can be loaded with various digital maps to help people navigate but without tactile feedback. Instead, audio feedback is provided as the user scans their fingers over the display and touches various points to gain information about location and direction. Example use cases are map kiosks for office buildings, museums, school campuses, and other public buildings and points of interest.

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