#319 Google+, iPod Interface from Crutchfield, Chromebook, Easy Hard Passwords, Getting Ready for Lion

Google+ explained (I like it!), Amazon dumps its’ California Affiliates (including me). The USA Spec iPod® Interface from Crutchfield at crutchfield.com. Chromebook review by George from Tulsa. Poor Professor Albert asks how to figure out what his 26 character password is on his wireless router, but I direct him to some lessons from Steve Gibson […]

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#318 New Facebook and Twitter for NosillaCast, Google Pivot Tables, Why is it Called Airport, Rotten-Apples, Flexiglass, Photo Etiquette

New Twitter name @nosillacast and new Facebook Fan Page at facebook.com/nosillacast.podcast. Excel goes head to head with Google on Pivot Tables. In Dumb Question Corner, William from Upstate NY asks why Apple calls wifi Airport. Laurie writes in with a testimonial for the repair service at rotten-apples.net. Learn how to bring Windows window’s functionality to […]

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#316 Instacast, HP Veer 4G, Clarify, Digital Signatures, Asymmetric Encryption, Hashing Functions

ConnorP reviews Instacast (the greatest podcast listening solution EVER) from vemedio.com. I review the HP Veer 4G cellphone running WebOS. Sign up for early notifications from Blue Mango Learning about Clarify at bluemangolearning.com/clarify. In Dumb Question Corner, David asks for the right application to create a logo for his school club, and Professor Albert asks […]

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#314 6 years, Google Notifier, Arkon Stand, DNS Fun, Mac Defender, How Much RAM

Six year anniversary of the NosillaCast, many answers to William’s question from last week about sending alerts to his son’s screen including Google Notifier from toolbar.google.com/gmail-helper/notifier_mac.html. Review of the very inexpensive Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand available at Amazon. In Dumb Question Corner, Gary asks about moving over his data from a G5 to his new […]

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#312 Passport SIM Card, MY3D Viewer, BlackBerry Playblook, Flight Technology

This week I finally answer one of George from Tulsa’s dumb questions, Shai Yammanee tells us about the Passport SIM Card from http://phonecard.bootsnall.com/sim_Passport.htm to save you money on international roaming charges while traveling abroad, I’ve got a review of the Hasbro MY3D Viewer from Target, and I’ve got an in depth, hands on review of […]

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