#141 4 Podcasts 1 Week, Pixelmator update, All Hotkeys, Touch review, HDR photography, Apple misbehaves

Al’s busy week on the Mac Roundtable, the Views from the Coop Podcast, the first MacDay LA event, and finally co-hosting the Typical Mac User Podcast with Victor Cajiao over on TalkShoe! Margaret points out I do go out with friends as long as they’re not James. Pixelmator from pixelmator.com gets constrained cropping, another good […]

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#140 LXVII HP67 emulator, phishing avoidance, photo management, VisualHub

Still Alive from jonathancoulton.com, LXVII HP67 calculator emulator from tamburri.net (or versiontracker.com), Lost Marauders at lostmarauders.com/itunes. Phishing scam avoidance, and Honda Bob tries to take QA Director Steve’s job! In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart and I discuss his photo management process using iPhoto, how he uses ImageMagic and Perl scripts to resize and […]

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#138 Touchpad, Base, Kexi, U-suit, Aperture 2, Bad Irish iPhone deal

ScreenSteps Redux, Paul claims South America – assisted by Scott from Minnesota, Paul reviews RemoteBuddy from http://www.iospirit.com and Touchpad for iPhone from touchpadiphone.blogspot.com. Jeremy suggests Base as part of the Open Office suite at openoffice.org for Honda Bob’s database needs, or Kexi from kexi-project.org. Martin suggested MySQL from mysql.com for Honda Bob. Rose gives a […]

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#137 jAlbum skins, SafariPlus, Crutchfield, ScreenSteps, Astronomy Software

The Pragmatic Bookshelf and Andy Hunt’s book “Refactor Your Wetware: Pragmatic Thinking and Learning”, Rose and her replica house of Macquarie Island: link to the Australian Antarctic Data Centre’s website. Add new jAlbum skins from jalbum.net/skins, especially ImageFlow. How to manage MacBook Pro heat including monitoring with iStat Menus from islayer.com and Flashblock from flashblock.mozdev.org […]

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