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Why I’m Getting a FOURTH 12.9″ iPad Pro

Ipad pro shadowDo you remember the story about the iPad Pro keyboards failing? I’ll refresh your memory before I tell you the latest in that saga.

A while back, my 12.9″ iPad Pro started having a pop up message on screen saying that this device was not supported. It turned out to be the Smart Keyboard from Apple. Shortly after I contacted Apple about it, Apple extended the warranty on the Smart Keyboard to three years because of functional issues.

I got the keyboard replaced in store, but then the new keyboard with my original iPad Pro started having weird graphics glitches. At my second Genius Bar appointment they pointed out that it was unclear whether it was the iPad or the keyboard that was failing, so they replaced the keyboard and the iPad itself. That sounded awesome at the time, but I kinda wish I hadn’t said yes to that.

Immediately on bringing my new devices home, the 2nd iPad with the 2nd keyboard started rebooting spontaneously while I was using it and even if I wasn’t. I disconnected the iPad from the keyboard and it still rebooted spontaneously. Off to my 3rd Genius Bar appointment. This time, they let me keep the keyboard, but gave me a 3rd iPad Pro. That’s where we last left our fearless heroine. Continue reading “Why I’m Getting a FOURTH 12.9″ iPad Pro”

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NC #629 Rogue Amoeba Gold Standard, Ricoh Next Gen Theta S, QA for All the Things, Security Bits

Bart and I pushed out a new episode of Taming the Terminal in both the Chit Chat Across the Pond Taming the Terminal feeds. I’ll tell you why Rogue Amoeba is the gold standard of customer support. Then we’ll hear about Ricoh’s next generation 360 camera. I’ll then go on a rant of all of the quality assurance work I’ve done for so many companies in the last few weeks, including AirPods, iPads Pro, iPad Pro keyboards, Ring video software and website, Apple Watch activity sharing, Screenflow and even macOS. Bart Busschots is back with a new edition of Security Bits. He explains subtleties of the WannaCry ransomeware that I’ve heard nowhere else, then he explains how Apple is going to institute a requirement for app-specific passwords for third party apps with access to your iCloud calendar, contacts and mail. Very important listening.

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Continue reading “NC #629 Rogue Amoeba Gold Standard, Ricoh Next Gen Theta S, QA for All the Things, Security Bits”

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Rogue Amoeba – the Gold Standard

Lately I’ve run into a slew of tech problems, finding bugs in just about everything, hardware and software. This has given me the “opportunity” to compare reactions of companies when I tell them about the problems. I would normally write a huge diatribe about those that didn’t meet my expectations, but instead I’m going to tell you about the gold standard in support. That company is Rogue Amoeba, the makers of Audio Hijack.

I’ve talked about Audio Hijack quite a bit on the show, but to bring everyone up to speed, it’s the absolute center point to how I create the podcast. Audio Hijack, as the name implies, hijacks the audio on your Mac, allowing you to route it in interesting ways.

Audio hijack complex sessionI create the podcast recordings completely without a complicated hardware mixer. With Audio Hijack I can capture the audio of a Skype call and my voice on two separate tracks, add effects like an equalizer and a compressor. I can route the audio back to my headphones so I can monitor my own voice for any problems along with that of my partner on the show. I can also send the audio to a recorder to capture an uncompressed audio file. Audio Hijack is essential for the creation of the Podfeet Podcasts.

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CrashPlan Didn’t Give Up

A few weeks ago I talked about the long adventure I’d been through with Lawrence from CrashPlan trying to help me adopt my off-site backup from my 2013 MacBook Pro to my 2016 MacBook Pro. I explained that he’d worked really hard but never could get a backup running for me.

I tested out Backblaze, and found that in just 18 hours it had successfully backed up my new Mac. I gave Lawrence the link to the blog post about what happened, and you would think the story would end there, but you would be wrong.

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Why I Switched to Backblaze from CrashPlan

Backblaze LogoIn March of 2013 I finally got on the bandwagon of doing offsite backups. Backups in general are the kind of task that sounds hard and annoying but if you haven’t tried lately are easy. Once I had CrashPlan running, it ran flawlessly for three and a half years.

One of the features I liked about CrashPlan is that when you get a new machine, they allow you to adopt the previous backup. That means that you don’t have to re-upload all of your data, you just tell CrashPlan to point the old backup to the new machine.

Fast forward to November of last year when I got the new Touch Bar MacBook Pro. I happily installed CrashPlan and told it to adopt the backup of my 2013 Retina MacBook Pro. And that’s when the nightmare started. Continue reading “Why I Switched to Backblaze from CrashPlan”

When Amazon Does You Wrong, Write to Jeff

Guest Post by Denise Crown

Pristine apple watch in original caseHello Castaways, this is Denise Crown.

I have a story to tell you with a surprise ending.

I recently treated myself to the water resistant AppleWatch 2. I love to swim, and really wanted to capture my swimming effort as part of my fitness history. This left me with my original Apple Watch to find a home for. I’m not a sentimental person, but I do get a little emotional over first generation Apple gear. I still have my original iPod and iPhone.

In this case, I thought I would part with my original 38mm aluminum watch with white sport strap, so I started researching my options. I don’t deal with Craig’s list or eBay so one of the Castaways suggested the Amazon trade in program. I checked and they offered $135 (US) for the watch. Because I am a fanatic about taking care of my Apple gear, I had the original paperwork, box, etc, so I lovingly packed it all up and shipped it off to Amazon. I actually felt a little pang of remorse the minute the box dropped into the UPS container.

A week or so later, I got an email saying my pristine watch was REJECTED. Rejected! For minute scratches! I was MORTIFIED. I was DEVASTATED they thought my watch was scratched. Was I a terrible watch parent without even knowing it? Would I be banned from future trips to Apple? All of this seriously went through my head.

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