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CES 2018: OWC Thunderbolt 3 Storage and Docks

Allison interviews Andrew Gerth and Larry O’Connor from OWC about their Thunderbolt 3 storage and docks. The OWC ThunderBlade V4 SSD RAID supports capacities from 1 to 8 TB for Macs and PCs and offers screaming data transfer speeds up to 2800 MB/s over Thunderbolt 3. It is rugged, portable and comes in a custom-fit ballistic hard-shell case. OWC’s new Thunderbolt 3 Dock is similar to their previous TB3 dock except it now supports Windows as well as Macs and the Firewire port has been removed. The setting is CES Unveiled at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas. Learn more at

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Thunderbolt Docks – Just Because You Can Plug It In Doesn’t Mean it Will Work

Belkin Thunderbolt docksIn November of 2016, I got the Touch Bar MacBook Pro. It’s got the new fangled USB-C ports that carry Thunderbolt 3. I did a post back then about how there were some unexpected challenges with that new machine with my existing hardware.

Specifically, there was no adapter available to allow me to use my 27” Apple Cinema Display with the new Mac. The problem is that my display is the very last of the Display Port models, right before they came out with the Thunderbolt model. I can’t complain though because I received it as a free replacement under AppleCare when my 24” Apple Cinema Display wouldn’t work with my new-at-the-time 2013 MacBook Pro. Noticing a pattern here?

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My Podcasting Gear

Microphone - Heil PR40

Mic Boom Arm

Bose Headphones

Mic Pop Filter

BSW Heil PR40 pop filter
BSW RE27POP $59.00

Logitech c920 Camera

Belkin Thunderbolt Dock

Shure MVi USB Interface

Anker 10 Port USB Hub

CES 2017: udoq Mobile Docking Station

Allison interviews Marcus Kuchler from udoq about their novel docking station for mobile devices. udoq can accommodate several mobiles devices at once and is completely adaptable to any connector type, from Lightning to micro USB to USB-C. udoq can easily be reconfigured as your collection of mobile devices changes. It comes in four sizes: 250mm, 400mm, 550mm, and 700mm and will be available in the U.S. in March 2017. The setting is the ShowStoppers show floor.

Learn more at

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CES 2017: Satechi Accessories Matched to Apple Products

Allison interviews Alan Jacobson from Satechi about a range of products all matched to the colors and finishes of Apple’s MacBook, MacBook Pro and iPhone. Alan described a power strip, dock, headphones, headphone stand, Apple Watch charging stand, numeric keypad, mousepad, laptop stand, USB-C disk enclosure, magnetic phone mount and bluetooth presenter, all offered in aluminum, space gray, gold and rose gold colors. The setting is the CES Conference show floor.

Learn more at

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$22 Adapter Lets the New MacBook Pros Drive DisplayPort Monitors

Last week I told you about how the new MacBook Pro won’t run a DisplayPort monitor. I quoted the Apple support article that explains that their USB-C to Thunderbolt adapter simply will not work with any DisplayPort display, including their own legacy monitors.

I explained how my darling husband Steve swapped monitors with me so that I could use his Thunderbolt Apple Cinema Display with my new MacBook Pro. Steve also gave me his Belkin Thunderbolt dock so I could keep just one cable plugged into my laptop. It’s still working great, but the plot thickens.

This week, I got an email from Dave Price, long time NosillaCastaway, and Apple Certified Support Professional of TekBasics in Dunstable, MA (

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OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock – Guest Post By Trevor Drover

Owc thunderbolt 2 dock angled viewHello Allison and NosillaCastaways. Trevor from Australia with a short review of a product that has helped breath new life into my 2011 iMac and could be the ultimate dongle for the new range of MacBook Pros.

With more Macs coming with fewer ports to connect your external devices, adding an additional monitor, external hard drives, other USB-based gear, or legacy Ethernet or FireWire peripherals can become a bit of a problem. My 2013 MacBook Pro only has USB 3 and Thunderbolt ports and the newly released MacBook Pros only have USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity.

Enter OWC’s Thunderbolt Dock which might just be the adapter you didn’t know you needed. It seamlessly adds lots of useful ports to your Mac.

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