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CES 2018: LIZN Wireless Hearpieces

Allison interviews Mads Rugholm from LIZN about their new wireless “hearpieces”. LIZN earphones make it easier to hear in a noisy environment by amplifying sound in the direction the wearer is pointed and by enhancing consonants in speech. These devices are not aimed at those who are hearing impaired but rather those who struggle to understand speech when there is a lot of ambient noise. LIZN hearpieces offer a Bluetooth connection to your mobile device so they also can be used to listen to music, make phone calls and access digital assistants. They are small, simplistic, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive at $199. The setting is CES Unveiled at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas. Learn more at

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$20 WyzeCam Beats $150 D-Link Omna Webcam

Wyzecam in my hand with infrared lights lit upWhen Steve and I were at CES, we had the opportunity to hang out with fellow NosillaCastaway Joe LaGreca. While we were talking about the disappointment of the security model for D-Link and their $150 Omna webcam, he mentioned that he uses a little camera called the WyzeCam.

We were intrigued because Joe said the WyzeCam is only $20 plus $5 shipping. But how good could this camera be? Joe showed us a live erityideo feed of his kids’ playroom – and it was pretty darn good. For $20, it was amazing.

Joe cares as much about security as we do (if not more) but since a $150 HomeKit-compatible webcam from a big-name networking company doesn’t guarantee us great security, I have changed my expectations.

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George From Tulsa Flips Over the Asus Chromebook Flip

Guest Blog Post by George from Tulsa:

Asus Flip Book showing NosillaCast home pageWhat’s the problem to be solved? We hear that a lot from Allison, and for good reason. Right now, I hope I’m a solution, not a problem. Earlier this week Allison posted a request for user submissions so she could have more Holiday this Thanksgiving and less Podcast. Hey, I know my Okie drawl can seem tedious to many of you hard chargers out there. Isn’t that why there’s a fast and faster setting on your podcast player? Problem solved.

My own immediate problem is that when I volunteered to send in this segment, Allison requested it run five minutes, or more. When you’ve heard me before, I tried to use no more than three. Thus my Mission Impossible is to fill five minutes, give you your money’s worth in tech content, and not undermine Allison’s goal that you “Stay Subscribed!”

You know how technology that solves one problem can create another?
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