How to Install and Configure ClamXav Anti-Virus for Mac

ClamXav can be downloaded directly or through the Mac App Store.  The Mac App Store version does not contain the Sentry tool that allows constant scanning for changes by folder, so this tutorial is for the download version which you can get at Note:  ClamXav used to be free but as of June 2015 […]

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How to Enable Three Finger Drag on macOS

Before the advent of the Force Touch trackpad on the 12" Macbook (and the new 13" Retina MacBook Pro), you could enable a gesture entitled Three Finger Drag. With that gesture, using three fingers you could touch the top bar of any window in OS X and drag the window around.  I personally prefer it […]

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How to Record Skype Call Including Audio from iOS

This tutorial explains how to use Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack 3 ( to capture both sides of a Skype call to separate channels and also include high quality sound coming from an iOS device plugged into a Mac.  This technique can be used to capture music, podcasts, games, VoiceOver, any sound coming from an iOS […]

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How to Make 2D Excel Graphs Look 3D

1. Problem to be solved Flat 2D graphs are boring, 3D graphs are hard to read. 2D graphs made to look 3D are the best of both worlds.  We’re going to do is add a 3-color linear gradient to the bars and then if desired throw in a background texture to add a little more […]

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How to Export LastPass Vault and Import to 1Password

These quick steps will walk you through how to export your LastPass vault to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file which can then be imported into other tools such as 1Password (or even Excel).  The script and instructions that come with it are for both Windows and Mac, but I will only be showing you […]

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How to Back Up from One Drobo to Another

Problem to be solved: Back up one Drobo to another using a Mac that is normally asleep when the scheduled backups need to be run. Constraints: One Mac has to control the backups. Our desire is that the Mac needs to be able to wake up to perform its duties. These instructions assume you have […]

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