My ClamXav Tutorial on ScreenCasts Online

There isn’t a lot of malware out there for the Mac even now, but there are still some nasty things out there attacking the platform. A while back, Bart convinced me that it was time to start using an anti-virus and he promised he had a very light, non-intrusive solution for us: ClamXav from Since that time I’ve been running ClamXav and it doesn’t bother me, doesn’t interrupt me and doesn’t hog my CPU cycles, and yet I can check in on it from time to time and see the proof in the log files that it’s industriously watching my downloads folder just in case I ever pull down something nefarious.

Don McAllister of ScreenCastsonline just published my latest video tutorial on where I walk through how to set up ClamXav to protect your system. I know it’s not a fun, happy making tool but even if you don’t use it for yourself, you might want to put it on the systems of the folks you do tech support for who might not be as careful as you. ScreenCasts Online is a paid-for subscription service but you can watch the trailer for my tutorial to see if you’re interested, and then maybe check out his free 14 day trial.

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