You NEED This Wicked Cool Router: Netgear X8 5300

NighthawkA few years ago I got FiOS and my ISP gave me a combo modem/router. I talked to Bart and he helped me figure out how to basically emasculate the FiOS router so that I could use my Airport Extreme to serve out DHCP addresses and WiFi. I created a tutorial as he explained it to me and he made a terrific graphic showing how it works, and we put it up on… so others could learn how to do it too.

In an episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond that you will hear next week, (darn that time travel), you’ll hear Bart explain the security problems with Internet of Things devices. His conclusion is that you can secure yourself by using a third router. I don’t want to spoil the episode so I’ll leave it as a teaser for you to learn exactly why you might want to do it and how it all works. I’ll just say that the main idea is to have your Internet of Things devices on one router, while everything else you care about lives on a second router.
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