NC #555 Black Screen of Death, Don’t Turn off SIP, Tenba Messenger Bag, Security Stuff

What would make not one but two Macs suddenly have their screens go black? We’ll unravel that mystery along with a Dumb Question from John Ornsby asking if it’s ok to partially turn off System Integrity Protection (SIP). I’ll give you a review of the Tenba DNA 8 Messenger Bag and then we’ll close out the show with Security Stuff from Bart Busschots.

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Tenba DNA 8 Messenger Bag – Perfect for Mirrorless Cameras

Tenba DNA 8 messenger bag closedI’ve sung the virtues of owning a mirrorless camera before with the major delight being that they are much smaller and lighter than digital SLR cameras, without sacrificing photographic quality. Traditional SLRs (single lens reflex) cameras, whether digital or analog, use a system of mirrors to provide the photographer with a view through the lens so that they can see the precise framing of the photo. The photographer is actually looking through the lens prior to hitting the shutter button.

When the shutter button is pressed, those mirrors flip up out of the way, which allows the sensor (or film) to now be able to “see” through the lens. After the sensor/film has been exposed for the chosen shutter speed, the mirrors flip back down and the photographer can see through the lens again. As you can imagine, the mirrors and the mechanical hinge that flips the mirrors up and down weigh a lot.

With these new, smaller cameras, there are no mirrors and of course no mechanical hinge. Instead of an optical viewfinder as on an SLR, the viewfinder is actually a tiny little digital screen that displays exactly what the sensor sees. Not only has the weight of the mirrors and hinge been removed, the volume required to flip that mirror out of the way has been eliminated.
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NC #554 Black & White with Red Filters, Everything is Fiddly, Taming the Drobos

Steve and Antonio had a great conversation about red filters on black and white photographs, I go on a rant about how every one of my Apple tech toys is fiddly. I tell a fun story about how I used what I learned in Taming the Terminal to finally tame my Drobos.

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CCATP #416 Antonio Rosario on Black & White Photography

Amrosario instagram page showing b/w photosThis week we’re joined by Antonio Rosario, a professional photographer and instructor based in Brooklyn, NY. He’s also a digital imaging and workflow consultant. In this conversation I attempt to learn the workflow he uses to make his iconic black and white street photography stand out. It takes a while for us to get to that point because we have a lot of fun talking about his progression from the early days of film processing up to today.

We talk about RAW vs JPG and why he actually uses the JPG files most of the time (spoiler, his Fuji X100T does an amazing job of creating great JPGs), we talk about how he uses social media to further his business (spoiler, Instagram for the win).

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You can find Antonio:

Click to view Antonio’s Moonrise over Brooklyn on Flickr (an homage to Ansel Adams referred to in the interview):

Moonrise over brooklyn

Will the Apple Pencil Make You an Artist?

Ipad pro pencilI was born with a really well developed left brain, the side associated with logic. Science and math came easily to me and it was natural that I went into engineering as a result. My three brothers were also reasonably bright boys, but they were gifted with artsy fartsy skills associated with a well developed right brain. My oldest brother is a musician who reads books on string theory if you can picture that! Alas, I was the only one not musically inclined (even after 6 years of playing the flute and picolo) and with zero artistic talent.

However, like many of you out there, I always wished I could draw and paint. When Apple announced the iPad Pro and the Pencil, I wondered whether I could become an artist?  If I just had the right technology, talent would suddenly exist in me, right?

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Star Trails with the Olympus E-M10

Star trails smallHave you ever seen those cool photos of the night sky where you can see the trails of the stars in arcs around the North Star? I love those shots and have always wanted to get one, and this week I succeeded. I’d like to back up and set the stage for you.

Steve and I drove to Julian, California this week with our good friends Diane & Bill to stay at a remarkable place called Observer’s Inn. Michael Leigh built Observer’s as a two room inn combined with an observatory. This sounds crazy and it kind of is, but Michael is a self-taught astronomer with research-grade telescopes and a passion for teaching people about the solar system. Continue reading “Star Trails with the Olympus E-M10”

Macphun & Trey Ratcliff Announce Aurora Pro HDR

Aurora logoWhen I was at the photowalk with Trey Ratcliff earlier this year in LA, he did a talk afterwards. He explained how he does his amazing HDR photography using Photomatix. He also said he hated the Photomatix interface so much that they should make prisoners use it! He told us that he was working with a company to use his knowledge to develop a better, more intuitive and capable HDR program. I should have put the pieces together when I met Maphun’s VP Kevin La Rue at Trey’s event, but I’m not that smart!

Today Macphun and Trey Ratcliff announced Aurora HDR Pro, available for pre-order today with a release date of November 19th.

If you pre-order for $89, Trey will give you:

  • Aurora HDR Pro for Mac (Available for download Nov 19th)
  • 20 minute Aurora HDR tutorial video by Trey
  • Bonus presets to get you started
  • 11 HD wallpapers Trey made with Aurora HDR
  • 11 sets of his bracketed images you can use for practice

I’ll be reviewing Aurora HDR Pro of course so stay tuned!

When a 200mm Lens Isn’t Really 200mm

I’m still having a ball with my new mirrorless camera (the Olympus OM-D EM-10). When I first started looking into this I mentioned that I was going to make the switch to my friend Diane. For some odd reason she trusts my judgment and said, “great, when you decide, let me know what to buy”. Like me, she loved her big girl camera but didn’t enjoy lugging it around. I remember when she was going to France and debating what lens to bring because she just couldn’t bear the idea of bringing more than one.

After I did the research and bought mine, we went out and bought one for her too. She loved it at first sight and has gotten very adept with it very quickly. We both bought our cameras with a 14-42mm kit lens. I have to take a break here and explain crop factors because this whole story won’t make sense without it.

Crop factor is a ratio of the sensor size in a camera relative to a reference format, which is the old 35mm film cameras. You’ll hear people talk about a digital camera with a full frame sensor, that means the imaging area is the same as a 35mm film image area. Diane and I both had Nikon DSLRs, which had a crop factor of 1.5. That means to figure out the 35mm equivalent, you take the lens magnification you’re talking about and multiply times 1.5. So when we put a 40mm lens on our Nikon DSLRs, it’s really 40mm x 1.5 = 60mm equivalent. Make sense so far?
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#340 Plantronics Voyager Pro HD, Ollocip, Kindle Fire Review, Aperture Script, Ray Solar Charger, BlackBerry Bold 9930

NosillaCastaways are smarter than the Apple geniuses, Plantronics Voyager Pro HD Review from Rod Simmons (Plantronics Voyager Pro HD), Olloclip review from Rod (Olloclip). Kindle Fire review ( Tom Stewart sends in his first review – explaining how to use an Aperture Script from to swap out RAW images for JPEGs.Ray Solar Charger review by Rod Simmons from BlackBerry Bold 9930 Review, and Robb Dunewood of Simple Mobile Review Podcast joins us to talk about the past, present and future of Research in Motion.

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#338 Time Machine, Blindfolded, Photography and the Mac, Quit All Apps, 3 in 1 Camera Lens, Apple Sandboxing

Time Machine review, Blindfolded accessibility update, Photography and the Mac Podcast Promo find it in iTunes. In Dumb Question Corner Professor Albert joins us again asking how to quit all running applications and gets a surprising answer. 3 in 1 Camera Lens review from Rod Simmons. George from Tulsa says some nice things about and explains that you have to turn off Ad Block to see my Amazon Affiliate link, and then throws down the gauntlet about a lively discussion he and Bart had about Apple’s move towards Sandboxing. Bart comes back with a full Chit Chat Across the Pond explaining Sandboxing and why it’s a good, not scary thing.

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