Metal vs. Glass Prints

PoppiesBefore I met Mark Pouley, I was content with taking photos, editing them on the computer and displaying them online. But Mark started encouraging me to get some of them printed in large format. He’s trying to drag me into his madness (his house is FULL of large prints of his photos). It did sound like fun.

A few years ago I successfully captured the beauty of some California Poppies during a trip to Santa Barbara County. If you haven’t seen these, they’re gorgeous bright orange flowers that adorn our local area in the spring each year. Mark kept nagging me to get it printed.

This particular photo stands out because of the exquisite light coming through the blooms. I was proud of this photo because I actually crawled under these little blossoms just to catch that light. In thinking about how to print a photo where light is so important, I decided to try printing on glass. Continue reading “Metal vs. Glass Prints”

NC #587 Extracting Images from Live Photos, Free Diagramming with, Security Bits

In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart and I actually did a video episode where he showed his screen while he solved some of the JavaScript challenges he gave us in Programming By Stealth. Check that out at…. We’ve got a “Dumb Question” from Dorothy asking how to extract images from Live Photos, and I’ll tell you about an amazing, free online diagramming and flowchart tool from Germany is winning in the Amazon Affiliate Links game so find your country’s link at Bart Busschots is back with another edition of Security Bits.

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NC #584 1Writer, iOS Console, ProShot

The grandbaby isn’t here yet, but we’re on the edges of our seats around here. In the mean time I found an app called 1Writer from that might help me write in Markdown on the iPad. We’ll take a look at iOS Console, a Mac app from… that lets you see the diagnostics coming out of your iOS device. Finally we’ll check out an iOS, Android and Windows Phone camera app that will give you amazing control of your images called ProShot from….

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Get Better Image Control with ProShot for iOS, Android & Windows Phone

Proshot logoI was chatting with my daughter Lindsay the other night about a photo she took using Snapchat. She said she took the photo with Snapchat because it has a built-in low light mode that works much better than the built-in camera on the iPhone. You know I enjoy photography as a hobby with my mirrorless camera, and I like to use the more advanced features, so I thought it was time we took a look at one of the 3rd-party camera apps that brings advanced features to your iOS device.

The app I’d like to tell you about is called ProShot from…. It’s free with in-app purchase. The in-app purchase is really cool but I’m going to save it till the end. I should mention that ProShot is available for Android and Windows Phone as well as iOS. Continue reading “Get Better Image Control with ProShot for iOS, Android & Windows Phone”

Dumb Question Corner: How Can I Use iCloud Photo Sharing with Non-Apple Users

secret window showing Public Webiste in iCloud Photo Sharing as explained later in the postThis week’s Dumb Question comes from David Bodgan from Japan. He wrote:

“When I send jpeg pix to my siblings, they give me all sorts of grief about not being able to open them up. I guess they only show up as thumbnails.

The funny thing is that in their replies to me, I get the full jpegs back that I sent to them. Also funnier, the same pictures came out fine on my Mom’s Android tablet.

I’ve been trying to figure out what is going on, but haven’t come up with anything.”

This is one of those problems that probably has no good answer. We could spend a lot of time figuring out what kind of computers and phones they’re on, what mail program they’re using and try to diagnose it on their end. That would take a lot of time and energy. How about if we solve the problem differently?

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NC #578 Accessible MenuBar Stats, Trucker Dump Slack, Affinity Photo Part 2, Reddit with spsheridan

The show’s out early (no live show this weekend) and it includes a great story about how MenuBar Stats from became accessible. Then we’ll hear from NosillaCastaway Todd McCann telling us about a Slack group he created for his trucker geek friends. I’ll give you part 2 of my Affinity Photo review and then Steve Sheridan, aka spsheridan joins us to explain what Reddit is, why it’s so popular and how it works.

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PhotoCon LA 2016: Zoom Portable Audio Recorders

Allison interviews Ross Hornbuckle from Zoom about their new portable audio recorders. The H5 and H6 field recorders are both designed for handheld use or attachment to DSLR and video recorders. They’re ideal for live recording, live broadcasting and professional film/video work. The H5 provides four tracks of simultaneous recording while the H6 provides six tracks. Both recorders support interchangeable microphones as well as mic- and line-level audio inputs. The H5 is powered by 2 AA batteries providing up to 15 hours of continuous recording while the H6 uses 4 AA batteries and provides up to 20 hours of operation. The setting is the PhotoCon LA show floor at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles.

Learn more at

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Affinity Photo – Part 2

Affinity interfaceA couple of weeks ago I told you about Affinity Photo’s extensions to Apple’s Photo app. I promised that I’d come back later and give you an idea of what you can do with the full Affinity Photo from…. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, remember that Affinity Photo is only $50 in the Mac App Store.

I’ve struggled a bit to do this review because the tool is so crazy capable, I can’t possibly go through everything it can do, but on the other hand if I don’t, you might walk away thinking it’s another Pixelmator, when in reality it might be another Photoshop. I’m not a Photoshop expert by any means but I’ve been showing Affinity Photo to a bunch of my photography friends and they’ve all been very impressed. I’m going to pick out a few things that make Affinity Photo stand out from the crowd, while continuing to stress that this is a $50 piece of software with no monthly fees.

I’m going to tell you about the interface, call out interesting highlights and try to give you a feel for the breadth of the tool. Hope this works!
Continue reading “Affinity Photo – Part 2”

PhotoCon LA 2016: SLIK Monopod & AquaTech Camera Housings

Allison interviews Michael Turnham from Kenko-Tokina about a few of the photography related products they sell. The first is the Pro 382CFL carbon fiber monopod made by SLIK. This monopod is as sturdy as aluminum yet weighs less than 16 oz., extends to 64 inches and folds down to less than 20 inches in length. Michael also shows several underwater camera housings made by AquaTech. These housings are designed to fit several brands and models of professional DSLRs and provide full control of the camera while underwater. They are designed for depths of 1 atm. so are best suited for photography near the water surface and not appropriate for deep diving. The setting is the PhotoCon LA show floor at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles.

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