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NC #676 Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer, Vitec Imaging, Hindenburg Journalist, mimoLive

Next week the SMR Podcast guys are in charge of the show (good luck with that) so there won’t be a live show till May 6th. This week we’ve got a review of the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer done on location in Belgium with Peter Boodts, we’ve got two interviews from NAB: Vice Imaging about their Manfrotto grip for the mobile videographer and Hindenburg Journalist, the software I use for recording the NosillaCast. Then I’ll tell you about a crazy tool called mimoLive from Boinx Software that Steve and I are using to produce the live NosillaCast.

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Make Holiday Card Address Labels with macOS Contacts

NewImage"In the old days, my friend Diane and I used to keep our holiday card address list in an Excel file, and then we I would spend days trying to beat Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge into submission to create address labels for our cards. I have to tell you, we were really never in the holiday spirit when we were done.

A few years ago I discovered that Apple’s Contacts app will actually let you print labels directly in the app. As I am won’t to do, I wrote up a tutorial on how to do it on I also figured out how to print cute return address labels with a little graphic on them and made a tutorial of that one too. I know you guys think I do this for you, but to be honest, I probably get as much use out of these tutorials as you do!

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Printers are Jerks

Hp d110 printerYou’ve heard me moan and complain about printing before, and I’m sure you have your own horror stories, so let’s face it, printers are jerks.

When last we left our hero, she was complaining that she still couldn’t wirelessly scan and believed that her friend Pat had been dipping into the cooking sherry a little too often when she claimed it was even possible to scan over WiFi. Continue reading “Printers are Jerks”

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NC #600 WWII Letter, HomeKit, The Printer is a Lie, 3D Touch, Security Bits

600th poster from georgeOn this 600th episode of the NosillaCast, I included the same audio from Chit Chat Across the Pond, which was the dramatic reading of a letter from my father to his family during World War II. Then we’ll discuss why I think the printer is a lie, and I’ll try to convince you that 3D Touch is more useful than you might think. Bart is back with Security Bits.

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The Printer is a Lie

Printer no scanWe live in amazing times, don’t we? It’s 2016 and I can do a FaceTime video call with my baby grandson a hundred miles away… while I’m out on a walk. My phone can take panorama pictures. I can turn my lights on and off when I’m not even home. One of my best friends lives in Ireland and I get to talk to him a couple times a week. I have access to all world knowledge through the internet.

But guess what I can’t do? Print inside my house.

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Metal vs. Glass Prints

PoppiesBefore I met Mark Pouley, I was content with taking photos, editing them on the computer and displaying them online. But Mark started encouraging me to get some of them printed in large format. He’s trying to drag me into his madness (his house is FULL of large prints of his photos). It did sound like fun.

A few years ago I successfully captured the beauty of some California Poppies during a trip to Santa Barbara County. If you haven’t seen these, they’re gorgeous bright orange flowers that adorn our local area in the spring each year. Mark kept nagging me to get it printed.

This particular photo stands out because of the exquisite light coming through the blooms. I was proud of this photo because I actually crawled under these little blossoms just to catch that light. In thinking about how to print a photo where light is so important, I decided to try printing on glass. Continue reading “Metal vs. Glass Prints”

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