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CCATP #485 – Chris Ashley on Microsoft Surface Laptop and Windows 10S Education Devices

Chris Ashley of the SMR Podcast joins us to talk about all of the big announcements coming out of Microsoft this week. We’ll try to understand where the new Surface Laptop fits into their lineup of mobile devices, and then we’ll shift gears to talk about the new line of Education devices. These devices from many manufacturers will be running the new Windows 10S, a streamlined version of Windows that they hope will compete with Chromebooks. We also talk about Chris’s dream of a world where he only has to carry his phone and can dock it to a display anywhere he goes so he doesn’t have to lug a laptop around when he travels. And we laugh a lot.

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NC #598 YouTube Takedown, Not Sad About Samsung, Reminders, Echo Dot, Dyn DNS DDoS Attack

I got to host Bart’s show, Let’s Talk Photography at…. My RecoLive Tutorial is up at ScreenCasts Online, check it out at…. I go on a bit of a rant about how the Live Show almost died because of a guy doing a takedown notice on YouTube of an interview we did with his company. That rant is followed by another one where I explain why I am neither sad nor surprised about the mess Samsung is in. If you get value out of the show, please consider pledging support at I do a deep dive into the Reminders app for iOS and macOS. Then I walk you through my experience setting up the $50 Amazon Echo Dot. Bart Busschots jumps in for an out of band Security Medium where he explains what happened to the Internet this week. We talk about DNS and how the servers work, the role insecure IoT devices played in it and some suspicions about who was behind the attack.

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Why I Am Neither Sad nor Surprised About Samsung

person with magnifying glass inspecting Samsung logoI’ve been silent up until now about the Samsung Galaxy phones catching on fire. At first I felt badly for the employees. Can you even imagine being in the room when the CEO found out about this? It must have been a dreadful couple of months for everyone there.

In case you need more convincing of how bad this really was, Tom Merritt on the Daily Tech News Show did a bit of research and came up with a good way to understand it. Chemical and Engineering News in 2013 cited the failure rate of Lithium ion batteries at one in 10 million cells. Samsung shipped approximately 1 million Note 7s in the US alone and received 96 reports of phones overheating. That’s 960 times as many as the average.

So nearly a THOUSAND times more likely to catch on fire than any other lithium ion battery. While that makes me feel better about how many batteries we use in our day to day lives, it does shine a light on how dangerous these Samsung really phones are. Continue reading “Why I Am Neither Sad nor Surprised About Samsung”

Samsung T3 – 1TB External USB 3.0 SSD

Samsung t3 ssdI mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d decided to move my giant photo library of doom (tm Donald Burr) off of my Mac and onto an external drive. I didn’t want to sacrifice any speed, so I bought the Samsung T3 1TB USB 3 drive with USB-C connectivity to accomplish this goal. As I’d hoped, this drive is wicked fast. Let’s go through some stats, shall we?

The drive is spec’d out at 450MB/sec. We all love the free Blackmagic Disk Speedtest, so we’ll take a look at that first. Blackmagic showed reads of 421MB/sec and writes of 365MB/sec. I think that’s the closest I’ve ever seen a drive perform to its rated specs!

Blackmagic t3 speedtestRemember that the Blackmagic test is designed to test your drives to see if you can use it for real time video editing, not editing photos so this isn’t a perfect test but it’s still interesting. The T3 did perform quite well for all but the highest level video editing which was pretty cool.

But let’s look at a more practical application for most people listening. I moved my 400GB Photo Library over to the drive, and it started in the high 200s, then peaked at 398MB/sec, and at the very last few minutes of the copy it dropped back down a bit under 200MB/sec. The entire 400GB moved in a little under 34 minutes. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

I can definitely say that I recommend the Samsung T3 1TB USB 3 SSD. As a reminder from last week, that will run you $428 on Amazon right now. They have the 500GB model going for $218 and 250GB for $130 if you aren’t as much of a disk hog as I am.

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