Store and Secure Your MagSafe 2 Adapter with MagCozy

$10 part at what Tim Verpoorten used to say, that he liked little apps that did one thing and did them well? I’ve got a piece of hardware that does one thing and does it well. It might be a misnomer to call it hardware though, since it’s soft and squishy. But wait, what’s the problem to be solved? You have a relatively new MacBook Pro, so you have the generation 2 version of the MagSafe connector. When you had your old MacBook Pro, you knew the battery didn’t last very long so you invested in one or more extra chargers. Apple in their supreme wisdom changed the size of the MagSafe connector. I’m sure they had a good technical reason and that they didn’t intentionally just change it to make us buy an adapter, right? At least in this case they only charge $10 for it instead of the what is it, $20? $30? they charge for a 30 pin to 9 pin adapter.

MagCozy in bright red!Ok, we have a baseline, you have the old charger, and you can stick that new magsafe adapter on it (all by magnets) and it’s all great, right? But now you go on travel and it gets knocked off. Or maybe you carry a spare adapter just in case you’re out and you can only find someone with an old charger, or you share your power supply with someone who has Magsafe 1, the chance are SUPER high that you’re going to lose this little gem. Buying it twice is the only thing more annoying than buying it once.

Enter the MagCozy. It’s a little rubber thingy that holds onto your Magsafe adapter. You stretch one end over the connector from the power supply, and you stretch the other end to encapsulate your magsafe adapter. From now on you can take the adapter on and off and your Magsafe adapter will stay with the power supply and greatly reduce the chances that you’ll lose it. I have two of these adapters, one for my Apple Cinema Display, and one for my downstairs power supply by the couch, so Steve got me the bright red MagCozys – a two pack for $10 at Amazon. You can get them in clear, black, green, orange, pink, white, dark blue or even glow in the dark! I told you, it does one thing and does it well!

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