#494 ChromeSafe, Partial Solar Eclipse, ApplePay, Unprotected WiFi, Taming the Terminal Part 23a Networks

How to protect Chrome on OS X from POODLE vulnerability using Dorothy’s Tutorial. Capturing imagery of a partial solar eclipse – Steve’s video, my photo. A little rocky trying to use ApplePay for the first time, but it worked in the end. Unprotected wifi fun thanks to Andy sending in the link to medium.com and another reason to use Cloak from getcloak.com. In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart takes us through the first half of Taming the Terminal Part 23a of N explaining Network protocols and layers.

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How to Protect Chrome on OS X from POODLE Vulnerability

chrome safe shown in the dockLast week on the show Bart talked about the POODLE vulnerability that was avoidable if you told your browser to remove support for SSL. I hopped over to podfeet.com to find the link he posted on how to tell Chrome to ignore SSL. The instructions given were anything but clear. They made me hop from page to page, and open a Terminal (which I’m not afraid of) and run some commands I didn’t understand, which launched Chrome in a safe state but left the Terminal running with all kinds of glop on the screen. I posted about my confusion in the comments and Bart explained that even with all that work the fix is only one time, the next time I’d launch Chrome it would be insecure.
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Unprotected WiFi Fun

Cloak VPN logoAndy sent in a link to a really interesting article over on medium.com about exactly how easy it is to be hacked if you’re using open wifi networks. Mauritius Martijn takes a trip to a random cafe in Amsterdam with Wouter Slotboom who uses a small black device to spoof the wifi network in the cafe. Bart has been warning us for years about his but reading exactly what this guy was able to do is pretty chilling.

One of the things that makes it so easy is that our devices will automatically connect to a network which we’ve already connected to in the past. So imagine you’ve been to a Starbucks and connected to the wifi network called Google Starbucks, his device can tell you’ve been attached to that network in the past. All he has to do is create a hotspot called Google Starbucks and your device will auto-connect to that network. Once your device connects to his network, he has access to all of the traffic you send – user names, passwords, everything. You are owned. Continue reading “Unprotected WiFi Fun”

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