#491 Guided Access, 1Password vs LastPass, Rene Ritchie from iMore

Jonathan Quinlan tells us how Guided Access helps him save battery and protects his data. After a couple of months with 1Password I now feel qualified to compare it to LastPass that I used for a few years. Maybe my experiences will help you decide which password manager is right for you. I walk you through Steve and my scientific process to figure out why our Internet stops when our phone rings (and our solution). In Chit Chat Across the Pond, Rene Ritchie, Editor-in-Chief of iMore joins us to talk about some of the less obvious features of iOS 8 like widgets, manual control of the iPhone’s camera, and he even explains what Dual IPS Displays mean to us.

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LastPass vs 1Password – Which One is Right for You?

1p_vs_lpWe’ve talked before about the importance of using a password manager in this age of constantly hacked services. There’s no perfect solution yet, but we’ve been able to prove time and time again that letting a human pick passwords is pretty much the most flawed approach you can take. We can’t remember passwords, and we can’t even invent random ones, so we fail from both sides. We cannot be trusted. If you use a password manager, can choose to have it create random passwords your brain would never think of, and which you can never type. We’ve also talked about using Bart’s awesome xkpasswd tool to generate random and yet typable passwords.

I’m betting that many of you are in the camp of “yeah, I know I should use a password manager, and I’m really really going to get around to that soon.” Sort of like the old days when we all knew we should be doing backups but it was just too darn hard, so we didn’t start doing them until it got as easy as plugging in a backup drive. Now there’s really no excuse not to use LastPass or 1Password.

You may recall that I have been a LastPass user for a few years, but I’ve been frustrated because they were never able to fix the problem I had that it would stop logging me out when I was idle, which was enough to push me to 1Password. Now that I’ve used both for a while I’d like to walk through each one and give you some pros and cons so you can make your own decision. Remember, they’re both GREAT services, and you will not go wrong either way. I remember when Dorothy was trying to decide and she made a big pro/cons chart for herself, and in the end flipped a coin. She ended up choosing 1Password and so did Bart, which might be all you need to help you decide.

1Password is available from agilebits.com, while LastPass is available from lastpass.com. Let’s dig into each of them, pros and cons: Continue reading “LastPass vs 1Password – Which One is Right for You?”

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