Does the Internet Stop When Your Phone Rings?

airport extreme with Uniden phone and a lightning boltI’ve been given flack in the past for my belief that an engineering degree gives you an advantage in the tech space, but I’m going to say it again. First of all, before you write your hate mail, I do believe it’s possible to gain the tools necessary to be quite good in the field without an engineering degree, and many people DO gain that ability. However, I still believe that because engineering schools pound into the students certain ways of looking at things, especially around how to do a controlled experiment, engineers get a leg up on diagnosing problems.

So why am I bringing this up again? This week Steve and I solved an interesting problem and it was fun how we solved it. A couple of years ago we switched from Time Warner cable over to Verizon FiOS. I had no problems with Time Warner, they just didn’t offer the speeds of FiOS. About six months ago I noticed a problem with our connectivity – we lose our internet connection whenever the phone rings. This wouldn’t be an issue for normal people, but if you’re on a Skype call and the phone rings, you’re gone. Not exactly what a podcaster is looking for. Luckily it never happened when I was on anyone else’s show but a few times when Bart and I have been chatting I’ve lost him for a brief while, maybe 10-15 seconds while my Internet took a coffee break. I should point out that Skype very gracefully recovers when this happens, we don’t have to reconnect because it does it automatically. Pretty impressive actually. Continue reading “Does the Internet Stop When Your Phone Rings?”

#490 Verizon vs AT&T Radios, Backing up Drobo to Drobo, Mac Mini Monitor Hack, Chronosync, Shellshock Explained, TTT Search

I’m weary of defending Apple and I explain why. In Dumb Question Corner Steve Davidson asks for an explanation of whether the new iPhones from Verizon and AT&T can actually be moved between the two carriers and I find the answers at and Steve and I continue our adventure figuring out how to back up one Drobo with another. I mention the Belkin Thunderbolt dock from Amazon, ResistorVision to read resistor values, Chronosync backup software from Econ Technologies and a hack to convince the Mac Mini that it has a monitor connected when it doesn’t. In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart breaks down the Shellshock vulnerability, and in Taming the Terminal Part 21 of n, we learn more about searching from the Terminal.

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Dumb Question Corner – Can AT&T and Verizon Phones Work on Each Others Network?

Steve Davidson has our Dumb Question for today. Here’s what he wrote:

A few years ago, when I bought my iPad 2, those of us in the US had to decide at the time of purchase whether we wanted a GSM iPad 2 (to use on AT&T’s network) or a CDMA iPad 2 (for Verizon’s network) — or get a Wi-Fi-only version (which I didn’t want). Apple built two internally-different iPad 2’s. Once you picked one flavor of iPad 2 or the other, and you were stuck with that carrier (or it’s lesser Sprint or T-Mobile radio twin) for the life of the device.

My impression from reading the specs. on newer iDevices (iPhones and iPads) is that Apple is now making then with all/both carriers’ radio types. It looks like the hardware is capable of either (no internal differences), so you aren’t locked into one carrier or another (unless you buy a contract that way). The Dumb Question is this: “Is that right? Is this Utopian future really here today?”

If so, that gives the consumer a lot of freedom. For example, when when the new iPads come out, I could just buy one and decide later which carrier I would prefer — or get a monthly plan from the start, and change my carrier later. The various carriers would have to compete to keep my business. Or I could get my wife an off-contract iPhone 6 Plus, and pick the carrier that gives us the best voice and data plans.

Oh, She Who Answers Dumb Questions, please enlighten me!

Computationally yours,

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Backing up a Drobo – The Adventure Continues

diagram showing 2 drobos, switch, Mac mini, iMac, Belkin dockWhen last we left our heroes Allison and Steve, we were trying to set up a second Drobo. If you didn’t hear last week’s show, the problem to solve was that we wanted a new Drobo and to use our old Drobo to back up the new one. We made a slight error by putting the old drives in the new Drobo just to test the speed, which reconfigured them so they couldn’t go back into the old Drobo without erasing them. We were partway through the process of copying all of the data over our network to a 3TB USB drive as a holding place till we put the new drives in the new Drobo and put the data back. With me I hope?

Copying the data from the new Drobo with the old drives over to the USB drive spanned about 5 days, but we weren’t feeding it data that entire time. Remember we were using a USB 3 drive but Steve’s iMac only has USB 2. While it was copying, we bought a Belkin Thunderbolt Dock from Amazon. This dock plugs into one of the iMac’s 2 Thunderbolt ports, and gives him 3 USB 3.0 ports, 2 Thunderbolt ports (so he actually gains one) plus gigabit Ethernet and FireWire 800. By the way, it was $159 new on Amazon, but we noticed they had them used for $125 so we went that route.
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Free Way to Recover Voicemails from an iOS Backup

I’ve gotten reports of people upgrading to iPhone 6/6+ recently and when they restored from backup, their saved voicemails didn’t come back. There are paid-for tools online to recover your voicemails, but I went on the hunt for a free way to do it. Mike Reyes wrote up instructions on how to do it from the Terminal that gets the job done. It’s a relatively geeky path and I thought it would be helpful to have a more visual version of his instructions so I wrote up a full tutorial here:

Weary of Trying to Defend Apple

truck slide that showed during apple eventFirst there was streaming of the Apple event, which will forever go down in history as the Truck Slide event. I defended them for the disaster saying that just too many people were trying to watch, but then later found out it was a mistake they made in their coding of the website that caused the problems. I had trouble defending the Chinese translation overlay, that was just a n00b mistake that was an utter embarrassment made more shocking by how long it lasted – I think it was a half hour, wasn’t it?

Then there was the disaster of trying to order phones. Sure 6M people succeeded at pre-ordering but one wonders how many tried and failed to get in or lost patience? Again I apologized for Apple – it was just a sign of how hard their servers were getting hammered. Odd that for 2 straight hours their site never resolved at my house though. Odd that AT&T’s site was actually functioning the same time. But still, I defended them.

Now photos and videos of iPhone 6 Pluses bending under pressure are surfacing. It even made the national news. I laughed it off and talked of how much I’m looking forward to how Saturday Night Live will spoof this: “Look! I put it in a vice and bent it with a sledge hammer and it actually bends! This is a terrible design!” I pointed out that when I put my glasses in my pocket and sit down, they bend and break too. What do they expect from Apple? To defy the laws of materials science? Sheesh, it even made the national news when there are huge crises in the world to talk about.

But then my apologies and explanations ran out. They pushed out iOS 8.0.1…and iPhone 6/6 Pluses lost cellular connectivity and their TouchIDs failed. Seriously? Your flagship phones. The ones you just sold 10 million of over the weekend. You didn’t TEST this update on them? Really? Somehow you found the time to test on iPhone 5s and below, but you forgot about the new ones? This botched update was so bad they had to pull the update back. I don’t think they’ve ever had to do that as far back as I can remember.

This is an inexcusable failure on Apple’s part and I’m done apologizing for them.

And for a more forgiving point of view (thanks to Louis Trapani for sending):

#489 iPhone 6 and iOS 8 First Impressions, Drobo the Hard Way, Nokia 635 Touch, Intelligent Transportation World Congress

Consider dropping a review in iTunes if you haven’t in the last year. iPhone 6 and iOS 8 first impressions – the good and the bad, How to Upgrade a Drobo The Hardest Way Possible, and How to Make a Nokia 635 Smart Phone into a 635 Touch. In Chit Chat Across the Pond, Ian Douglas joins us to talk about the Intelligent Transportation World Congress, where he tells us about the future of automated vehicles.

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iPhone 6 & iOS 8 First Impressions

imore poll showing 49.3% iPhone 6, 50.7% iPhone 6 PlusI’m sure by now each of you either has a new iPhone or are waiting for a new iPhone or are never getting the new iPhone and in any case are tired of the conversation around which one to buy, so I’m not going to add to it! iMore did a poll of their readers asking which phone people were intending to buy and after 17,315 votes…the answer was split almost EXACTLY 50/50. I thought that was simply fascinating! That means no one can tell you which you’re going to like so we don’t need to keep endlessly droning on about which one is better!
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How to Upgrade a Drobo The Hardest Way Possible

drobo5n in someones handsYou’ve heard me complain about the Drobo for a long time, and it’s really not the fault of the Drobo. Steve and I bought a Drobo FS many years ago but I didn’t think we really needed it, I felt we succumbed to the convincing advertising of our podcasting friends. I didn’t think we had a problem for it to solve. After a few years though, Steve and I have both started to use it. I offload things that don’t need to be local, like my old uncompressed audio files of the show (which I probably never will need but you never know), and disk images of OS installers. I also have started scanning in bills and such and I don’t want those on my laptop so the Drobo is a nice spot for it. Steve does a lot of video using Final Cut Pro X and he was never able to save his project files because they’re HUGE. He started saving them when he realized he had gobs of space on the Drobo.

So over time, a soft spot in my heart has grown for the Drobo. Over the past couple of years, we’ve had 3 hard drive failures, and it’s rather pleasing to get an email notification and to see the red light on one drive, and then simply pull it out and replace with a new drive and await the notification from Drobo that now all is well. I’d rather not have drives fail but it wasn’t a catastrophic situation.
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How to Turn a Nokia 635 Smartphone into a Nokia 635 Touch

NC_2014_09_14I’ve really been enjoying how much it’s made people nuts that I a) bought a Windows phone and b) that I actually kind of like it. Part of my reason for enjoying it has been the constant help by Joel Rushworth, who I met through Chris Ashley of the SMR Podcast. Joel isn’t pushy at all, he’s just there with the gentle suggestion, the helpful hint, the “hey have you tried this yet?”

A week or so ago he asked me if I’d moved my SIM card from my iPhone to my Nokia 635 so I could give it a real shakedown, using it as my primary device. I told him I hadn’t because the iPhone uses a nano SIM and the Nokia takes a micro SIM card. He told me that he was buying some of the adapter carrier thingys and he’d be glad to send me one when he got his. Good as his word, the adapter showed up a few days later. During one of the endless podcasts I was on last week (I shouldn’t complain, I loved every minute of it) I used a paperclip o pop out the nano SIM on my iPhone. The adapter/carrier thingy from Joel was a little piece of plastic the shape of a micro SIM, but with a pocket in it the shape and size of a nano SIM. Let’s call it a an adapter for brevity.
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