#490 Verizon vs AT&T Radios, Backing up Drobo to Drobo, Mac Mini Monitor Hack, Chronosync, Shellshock Explained, TTT Search

I’m weary of defending Apple and I explain why. In Dumb Question Corner Steve Davidson asks for an explanation of whether the new iPhones from Verizon and AT&T can actually be moved between the two carriers and I find the answers at https://www.apple.com/iphone-6/specs/ and http://www.techwalls.com/differences-between-iphone-6-6-plus-models/. Steve and I continue our adventure figuring out how to back up one Drobo with another. I mention the Belkin Thunderbolt dock from Amazon, ResistorVision to read resistor values, Chronosync backup software from Econ Technologies and a hack to convince the Mac Mini that it has a monitor connected when it doesn’t. In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart breaks down the Shellshock vulnerability, and in Taming the Terminal Part 21 of n, we learn more about searching from the Terminal.

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Dumb Question Corner – Can AT&T and Verizon Phones Work on Each Others Network?

Steve Davidson has our Dumb Question for today. Here’s what he wrote:

A few years ago, when I bought my iPad 2, those of us in the US had to decide at the time of purchase whether we wanted a GSM iPad 2 (to use on AT&T’s network) or a CDMA iPad 2 (for Verizon’s network) — or get a Wi-Fi-only version (which I didn’t want). Apple built two internally-different iPad 2’s. Once you picked one flavor of iPad 2 or the other, and you were stuck with that carrier (or it’s lesser Sprint or T-Mobile radio twin) for the life of the device.

My impression from reading the specs. on newer iDevices (iPhones and iPads) is that Apple is now making then with all/both carriers’ radio types. It looks like the hardware is capable of either (no internal differences), so you aren’t locked into one carrier or another (unless you buy a contract that way). The Dumb Question is this: “Is that right? Is this Utopian future really here today?”

If so, that gives the consumer a lot of freedom. For example, when when the new iPads come out, I could just buy one and decide later which carrier I would prefer — or get a monthly plan from the start, and change my carrier later. The various carriers would have to compete to keep my business. Or I could get my wife an off-contract iPhone 6 Plus, and pick the carrier that gives us the best voice and data plans.

Oh, She Who Answers Dumb Questions, please enlighten me!

Computationally yours,

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Backing up a Drobo – The Adventure Continues

diagram showing 2 drobos, switch, Mac mini, iMac, Belkin dockWhen last we left our heroes Allison and Steve, we were trying to set up a second Drobo. If you didn’t hear last week’s show, the problem to solve was that we wanted a new Drobo and to use our old Drobo to back up the new one. We made a slight error by putting the old drives in the new Drobo just to test the speed, which reconfigured them so they couldn’t go back into the old Drobo without erasing them. We were partway through the process of copying all of the data over our network to a 3TB USB drive as a holding place till we put the new drives in the new Drobo and put the data back. With me I hope?

Copying the data from the new Drobo with the old drives over to the USB drive spanned about 5 days, but we weren’t feeding it data that entire time. Remember we were using a USB 3 drive but Steve’s iMac only has USB 2. While it was copying, we bought a Belkin Thunderbolt Dock from Amazon. This dock plugs into one of the iMac’s 2 Thunderbolt ports, and gives him 3 USB 3.0 ports, 2 Thunderbolt ports (so he actually gains one) plus gigabit Ethernet and FireWire 800. By the way, it was $159 new on Amazon, but we noticed they had them used for $125 so we went that route.
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