#489 iPhone 6 and iOS 8 First Impressions, Drobo the Hard Way, Nokia 635 Touch, Intelligent Transportation World Congress

Consider dropping a review in iTunes if you haven’t in the last year. iPhone 6 and iOS 8 first impressions – the good and the bad, How to Upgrade a Drobo The Hardest Way Possible, and How to Make a Nokia 635 Smart Phone into a 635 Touch. In Chit Chat Across the Pond, Ian Douglas joins us to talk about the Intelligent Transportation World Congress, where he tells us about the future of automated vehicles.

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iPhone 6 & iOS 8 First Impressions

imore poll showing 49.3% iPhone 6, 50.7% iPhone 6 PlusI’m sure by now each of you either has a new iPhone or are waiting for a new iPhone or are never getting the new iPhone and in any case are tired of the conversation around which one to buy, so I’m not going to add to it! iMore did a poll of their readers asking which phone people were intending to buy and after 17,315 votes…the answer was split almost EXACTLY 50/50. I thought that was simply fascinating! That means no one can tell you which you’re going to like so we don’t need to keep endlessly droning on about which one is better!
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How to Upgrade a Drobo The Hardest Way Possible

drobo5n in someones handsYou’ve heard me complain about the Drobo for a long time, and it’s really not the fault of the Drobo. Steve and I bought a Drobo FS many years ago but I didn’t think we really needed it, I felt we succumbed to the convincing advertising of our podcasting friends. I didn’t think we had a problem for it to solve. After a few years though, Steve and I have both started to use it. I offload things that don’t need to be local, like my old uncompressed audio files of the show (which I probably never will need but you never know), and disk images of OS installers. I also have started scanning in bills and such and I don’t want those on my laptop so the Drobo is a nice spot for it. Steve does a lot of video using Final Cut Pro X and he was never able to save his project files because they’re HUGE. He started saving them when he realized he had gobs of space on the Drobo.

So over time, a soft spot in my heart has grown for the Drobo. Over the past couple of years, we’ve had 3 hard drive failures, and it’s rather pleasing to get an email notification and to see the red light on one drive, and then simply pull it out and replace with a new drive and await the notification from Drobo that now all is well. I’d rather not have drives fail but it wasn’t a catastrophic situation.
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