Deeper Lets You Control OSX Hidden Settings

deeper_logoHave you ever been annoyed by a default setting in OSX? Let’s say for example you take a screenshot; the default for a long time (maybe it still is) was to save the shot in TIFF format which is HUGE. You wish it would save it in a more manageable format like jpg or png. If you query around how to change this, invariably someone will say, “well all you do is launch the terminal and type in default write and a bunch of gobbledy gook after that.

For years I’ve kept a list of all the various gobbledy gook that changes all the defaults on OSX to the way I like it. After a nuke and pave, or a new machine, I run through them all to make sure OSX is tailored to my every whim. One of my favorites is that the brainiacs in Cupertino thought it would be awesome to have copy email address to not just copy the address but to also copy the html around it. I change that one with some boolean gobbledy gook. We all KNEW that set theory they forced down our throats in grammar school would come in handy one day, right?
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