Does the Internet Stop When Your Phone Rings?

airport extreme with Uniden phone and a lightning boltI’ve been given flack in the past for my belief that an engineering degree gives you an advantage in the tech space, but I’m going to say it again. First of all, before you write your hate mail, I do believe it’s possible to gain the tools necessary to be quite good in the field without an engineering degree, and many people DO gain that ability. However, I still believe that because engineering schools pound into the students certain ways of looking at things, especially around how to do a controlled experiment, engineers get a leg up on diagnosing problems.

So why am I bringing this up again? This week Steve and I solved an interesting problem and it was fun how we solved it. A couple of years ago we switched from Time Warner cable over to Verizon FiOS. I had no problems with Time Warner, they just didn’t offer the speeds of FiOS. About six months ago I noticed a problem with our connectivity – we lose our internet connection whenever the phone rings. This wouldn’t be an issue for normal people, but if you’re on a Skype call and the phone rings, you’re gone. Not exactly what a podcaster is looking for. Luckily it never happened when I was on anyone else’s show but a few times when Bart and I have been chatting I’ve lost him for a brief while, maybe 10-15 seconds while my Internet took a coffee break. I should point out that Skype very gracefully recovers when this happens, we don’t have to reconnect because it does it automatically. Pretty impressive actually. Continue reading “Does the Internet Stop When Your Phone Rings?”

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