How to Turn a Nokia 635 Smartphone into a Nokia 635 Touch

NC_2014_09_14I’ve really been enjoying how much it’s made people nuts that I a) bought a Windows phone and b) that I actually kind of like it. Part of my reason for enjoying it has been the constant help by Joel Rushworth, who I met through Chris Ashley of the SMR Podcast. Joel isn’t pushy at all, he’s just there with the gentle suggestion, the helpful hint, the “hey have you tried this yet?”

A week or so ago he asked me if I’d moved my SIM card from my iPhone to my Nokia 635 so I could give it a real shakedown, using it as my primary device. I told him I hadn’t because the iPhone uses a nano SIM and the Nokia takes a micro SIM card. He told me that he was buying some of the adapter carrier thingys and he’d be glad to send me one when he got his. Good as his word, the adapter showed up a few days later. During one of the endless podcasts I was on last week (I shouldn’t complain, I loved every minute of it) I used a paperclip o pop out the nano SIM on my iPhone. The adapter/carrier thingy from Joel was a little piece of plastic the shape of a micro SIM, but with a pocket in it the shape and size of a nano SIM. Let’s call it a an adapter for brevity.
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