How Facebook is Ruining Real Life for Me

Misteltoe on my stockingI’ve heard a lot of people say that we’re too connected these days and that what we’re missing is real, human interaction. For the most part I disagree with that. Because of the Internet and social media, I’ve got friends all over the world. I mention the usual suspects often, but there are so many more that I often don’t mention. Here’s an example. My decision to buy the Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera was largely driven by Steven Goetz. Steven is a listener to the podcast, a camera enthusiast, and someone who enjoys helping other people spend their money. He researched options for me, advised on lens choices, and pretty much goaded me into pulling the trigger. Steven lives in Canada, I consider him a friend and yet we’ve never met.

I could describe a lot of other wonderful people from the internet who help me every day, who enrich my life and whom I’ve never met in real life. Some people say it’s not the same, and they’re right about that. In some ways I share MORE with people I don’t know in “meat space”. Bart is one of my closest friends, with whom I have shared more than I have with my “real” friends, and yet we didn’t meet for the first 4 years of our friendship and that was only a brief visit a few years ago. I’m a little more guarded with my real life friends than I am with Bart.
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