Can a $60 Audio-Technica ATR2100 Microphone Compare to a $350 Heil PR-40?

atr2100 I’m a member of a Google Plus Community called Podcasting Technology Resources which is super active with nearly 2000 members. It’s a great place to talk about gear and tools. Many early podcasters ask me what mic they should get, and that question gets asked really often in the Podcasting G+ community as well. The answer is almost always the Audio-Technica ATR2100. Once one person recommends it, a lot more people chime in also recommending this mic.

There are a couple of remarkable things about the ATR2100. First of all, it’s listed for only $55 right now on Amazon. Second of all it supports both XLR and USB. If you have a fancy pants mixer, you can use the ATR2100, but if you just want to plug it right into your computer, you can do that via USB. Those two things make it attractive, and when you combine that with the masses in the Podcasting community also endorsing it, I had to try one out.

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