Undead iPad

screen showing a nearly empty battery with a red line, and suggesting plugging in the lightning cableAbout a week and a half ago I was about to plug my iPad in to charge for the night, when I noticed it was indicating that the battery was completely drained. This is indicated by a black screen with a battery symbol showing a red line for how full it is (not very) and a visual invitation to plug in your USB cable. I thought this was an odd sight, as my iPad normally has about 35-45% left when I plug it in at night. I figured, no big deal, I’ll just plug it in and all will be sorted in the morning. Unfortunately I awoke to the same symbol on screen.

I tried the usual stuff, holding down the power button, the home button, both buttons, holding them long and holding them short and nothing would kick me out of that mode or even turn the device off. I went to the Googles and read about how you can do a full firmware restore to your iDevice, called a DFU restore, or Device Firmware Update. It’s a dance you do where you hold down the home button while plugging into your computer and launching iTunes with your other three hands.

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