Amazon Fire TV Stick Lights it Up

01_fireTV_boxHooked up to our TV we’ve got a TiVo, a Mac mini, an AppleTV, a Roku, and a Chromecast but when Donald Burr tipped me off that the Fire TV Stick was coming out and for 2 days Prime members could get it for $20 (normally $39), I immediately had Steve check to see if we had any open HDMI ports left on our receiver. In the search for the holy grail of TV watching, we added the Fire TV Stick to our arsenal when it arrived today.

Now what problem do I hope the Fire TV Stick will solve for us? We already get Netflix on every device we own, including our toaster I think. We get Amazon Video on the Roku that works really well. We haven’t done the Plex thing to play our movies (yet) but a few of our devices will do that when I get around to it. The AppleTV is great for renting movies and watching the keynotes and we use Airplay every single day to fling video podcasts to the TV, but I hate that little remote with a passion and it doesn’t get Amazon. I love the remote for the Roku. It fits so nicely in my hand and it’s much easier to turn on subtitles than it is on the AppleTV. Unfortunately it shows me what I’ve watched on Netflix in the reverse order of the AppleTV so I get confused easily. I don’t do much but Netflix and Amazon with it but the experience is good. The Chromecast is more of a novelty item. When I do launch it, I get confused looking for the remote till I remember there IS no remote. For us it’s like Airplay but harder to figure out, so the Chromecast is not much use to us.

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