Manage Your External Volumes with Mountain

Mountain logo. silver disk with an eject/mount iconBack in July I wrote a blog post entitled “Top 5 Menu Bar Apps” in response to Tammy’s question of what my favorite apps were. In my top 5 was a menu bar app called Jettison, and I sang its virtues for letting me very quickly eject external drives and put my Mac to sleep in a single gesture. I was very enamored with Jettison but it has gotten flaky on me in that it won’t launch at login every time. So imagine the value drop when you have to launch an app in order to eject and sleep? Not really very useful. To be fair, I never contacted the Jettison folks to see if they had a fix.

I bring all this up because last October, I got a comment on that blog post suggesting an alternative called Mountain from For the last two months I’ve been moving it out every week hoping to get time to take a look at it, and finally that time has come.

Mountain’s reason for being is to allow you to quickly mount and unmount local drives, servers, and disk images. It runs as a menu bar app so you’ve got easy access to it’s services. There are three categories of things it can play with:

  • Internal volumes
  • External volumes
  • Servers

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