How to Record Skype on a Mac AND Include Audio from iOS

Audio Hijack showing the diagram for recording VoiceOverOn this week’s segment of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Shelly Brisbin is going to demonstrate how to use VoiceOver for the blind on iOS. We needed a way to record just our voices, but we also wanted to be able to record (in high quality audio) the audio coming out of our phones. I figured out how to do this with a combination of the new QuickTime in Yosemite plus Soundflower and Audio Hijack 3 from Rogue Amoeba.

I used it to capture VoiceOver but you could use it to record any sound from your iOS device – games, songs, podcasts, even a phone call!

Tutorial here: How to Record Skype Call Including Audio from iOS

2 thoughts on “How to Record Skype on a Mac AND Include Audio from iOS

  1. […] To do this recording, Shelly and I had to juggle chainsaws and flame throwers! We had to figure out a way for you guys to hear me, hear Shelly, hear my iPhone and to hear Shelly’s iPhone if necessary. I created a tutorial (of course I did!) on how to use Audio Hijack 3, Soundflower, and QuickTime to pull off t…. […]

  2. Richard - August 28, 2015

    Creating tutorials is my thing, so when I finally found this cool webcam recorder for mac I was so happy, it really works

    Also i like to record lectures given via the internet from my local university, to be able to review things I don’t understand, this webcam recorder for mac really helps and is so simple to use.

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