Fun With QFDs!

I have been fixing to make a plan to do screencasting on for years and I finally started!

If you’ve ever had trouble making a decision, you’ll enjoy this short video explaining how a QFD (Quality Function Deployment) can help you decide. Delivered in Allison’s “unique” style, all you spreadsheet nerds are going to love this.

Here’s a link to the Example QFD file in the video for you to play with:

Using a Screen Reader? click here

Thanks to Steven Goetz, aka @goatman for helping me beta test my QFD.

5 thoughts on “Fun With QFDs!

  1. Uncle Bob - June 10, 2015

    Interesting and useful decision paradigm–your engineering slip is showing. lol

  2. Rob Holloway - June 24, 2015

    Hi Allison

    First off, I love your show.

    I rescue dogs and your video for QFDs is outstanding. I’d like to be able to create some videos like this for people thinking about adopting our German Shepherd Dogs. So professional!!! can you give me an idea of how long it took you from conception to completion to create that QFD video?

    I’m going to “steal” your QFD template to build one for me to make choices about lenses for my new mirrorless camera.

    Thanks for all you do!
    Rob Holloway

  3. podfeet - June 25, 2015

    Awe thanks, Rob! Making videos IS time consuming, especially so to do it well. When I make videos of using a piece of software, it probably takes me 5-10 hours to do a 30 minute video! I think your videos would be much easier though, because the content you’d want to include would probably be largely the same, right? You are showing the same thing in each video, just changing out the dog? By the way when I wanted to rescue a dog I found that 99% of the websites were DREADFUL, had awful tiny little photos of the dogs taken from above in sterile rooms that made them look like they were in prison! We ended up going to a place that had videos of the dogs!

    Bottom line is that this will be worth the effort and after a while will become easier and faster. I would focus on making them shorter rather than longer, giving people just enough to get a sense of the virtues of the animal – good on walks? good at agility? a snuggle muffin? and then close out. Hope that helps and good luck!

  4. Rob Holloway - June 25, 2015

    Thanks for the reply Allison

    I think you’ll find our website with the dogs quite different 🙂 We gets lots of compliments from other rescue groups and adopters.

    I think 3 minutes is plenty of time for what we would do. I’d love to make a short video showing people our adoption process.

    The QFD when used on lenses is VERY interesting – thanks again. The process made me think about what is really important versus nice to have and distractions.


  5. […] I made a video back in 2015 demonstrating how you can use a QFD to make decisions. For the serious QFD experts, this will annoy the heck out of them, but I like my heavily simplified version of the concept. […]

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