Slow Down RoboCalls with Nomorobo

guy doing a video about NomoroboSteve is an avid Reddit contributor and reader, and when the proverbial stuff hit the fan a few months ago that PayPal was going to start robocalling its customers, Reddit was on fire about the topic. Since then PayPal dropped the idea. Anyway, Steve was reading the rants on Reddit and someone mentioned a service called Nomorobo that they swore almost eliminated robocalls to their house.

Now I’m sure that you think you get a lot of robocalls at your house, but you really truly do not know how horrible it is until you’re home all day like we are since we retired. We get calls CONSTANTLY. You miss so many of them because they hang up and don’t leave a message. Sure it’s easy to skip the ones that have their name showing on the phone but it’s still annoying as all get out. And yes, we’re on the Do Not Call list which is a joke, I really think maybe the robocallers BOUGHT that list and use it to make their calls! One of my favorites is the American Red Cross. Sure I signed up and give blood but does that give them to right to call me three times a week? I’ve asked them politely not to call me, I’ve asked them impolitely, I’ve asked them with venom and anger, and I even threatened to tell them that I had some horrible blood disease if it would just get me off their gosh darned list! They called me again the next day.
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