Automator Script Creates Sequenced Images from Photos

sequenced imagesI’m slightly more organized about my photos than the average bear as we’ve discussed in the past. I like to name my photos so that at any time if someone mentions say halloween costumes, I can grab my phone and instantly show them the photo of the amazing bat costume my father made for my brother Grant in 1965.

It takes a lot of discipline to keep up with this. But here’s a problem. Let’s say I want to post a big pile of photos online as a nice album. If I carefully name every photo and then do an export from the Photos app, they’ll be on my desktop in alphabetical order, so when you first look at the album, all you’ll see are pictures of Allison! Now I’m as big of a narcissist as the next guy but at least I like to sprinkle myself about an album, not front load it. What I want is to be able to post my photos in the order in which they were taken. Sometimes maybe I want to reorder the photos inside the Photos app first, just a bit to make a more interesting flow of a story. I would want them to stay in that order when exported and posted online.
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