Apple Really Does Protect Your Health Data

my full activity data on Apple Watch app on iPhoneDave Hamilton of the Mac Geek Gab was talking about how his iPhone misbehaved badly when he first installed iOS 8.4. He said that the battery was draining even while on the charger. While interesting I didn’t worry about it too much because I’d been running it for a while now and my battery was fine. Until a couple of days ago when it started losing charge like it had a hole in it! I plugged it into the wall charger and not only did it not gain charge, it got REALLY hot. I gave it a time out, shut it down all the way and restarted. Didn’t fix the problem. Charged it over night and in the morning it seemed fine. Till at 10:30am after my morning run when I got the 20% battery warning. Well that’s not good.

Dave had said that since he was leaving on vacation the day he installed 8.4, he had no time to fool around with things so he simply ran a backup and did a restore and all was well. Cool, I decided I’d do that too. I do keep iCloud backups turned on but I hesitate to use them. Why sit around waiting for the cloud when I can do a backup right to iTunes the old fashioned way? I ran the backup and then told iTunes to do a restore.
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