PopClip & Bookmarklets for Amazon Affiliate Links by Claus

pop clip logoMy new favorite NosillaCastaways is My new favorite NosillaCastaway is Claus Wolf from Germany. He came up with two great ideas to make it super easy and even kind of fun to use Amazon Affiliate links. They’re nice and geeky too.

Like any good NosillaCastaway he started with a problem to be solved: “People don’t use affiliate search boxes on websites, because they are creatures of habit and changing habits is hard and nearly impossible, unless there is value to be gained by doing so.” He’s right, I hear from people all the time saying they meant to use it but they have trouble remembering. Just in case someone doesn’t know what we’re talking about here, if you buy something on Amazon after using my Amazon Affiliate link, a small percentage goes to help the show and it costs you nothing.
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