Shure MVi Digital Audio Interface + MOTIV App

shure mvi frontOne of my goals in producing the podcast is to make sure that you hear good quality audio. A┬ásecond goal is to provide that quality audio with as little hassle on my end as possible. I have a very nice microphone, the Heil PR-40 which Steve bought me a few years ago. It’s a high-end mic with what’s called an XLR interface. This is a circular connector with three large pins.

Traditionally one would plug this kind of mic into a mixer. As I’ve mentioned before, I used to have a mixer and while I felt like a big girl with it, I found it to be a real hassle in many ways. Remember Goal 2 which was to minimize hassle?

I got rid of the mixer when I switched over to a Blue Icicle USB interface. This a cylindrical converter that takes the XLR from the mic on one end and converts it to USB on the other end. I used that for years but the volume control knob on it was a bit finicky and Steve wanted it for his Heil PR20, so I went on the hunt for a new interface.
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