Behringer U-Control UCA222 Digital Audio Interface

Hello Allison and NosillaCastaways. Allister here again from New Zealand with a short review of a product recommended to me by another NosillaCastaway.

First, the problem to be solved. I just bought myself a brand new 27″ Retina 5K iMac. It is a beautiful machine and I am very pleased with it. No, that’s not a problem in itself, but if I look around the back of this beast, I see only one 3.5mm audio jack and it’s marked with a headphone symbol. It turns out it will support a headset with microphone, but that’s not really going to cut it for recording high quality audio.

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Fun with Video Encoding – FFmpeg & VidConvert

notes on process taken in NotabilityI’ve told you a lot of stories about how my friend Dorothy (aka macLurker) helps me out by writing scripts for me to help automate things I do for the podcast. She’s really smart and knows SO much more than I do about programming. We have a lot of fun working on these projects but let’s be honest, the brains have all been on Dorothy’s side of the keyboard. At best I could say I’m the idea person.

But those tables were turned for the first time this week. Let me set the stage with the problem to be solved before I tell you how brilliant I was.

Dorothy and her husband Marc go on long trips on their boat, and they need entertainment while they travel. They used to drag along giant piles of DVDs, but a while back they decided to rip their vast collection of movies and get an Apple TV to play them on the boat. Dorothy wrote a script to pull down all the metadata to get all of the movies to look right and show up correctly in iTunes for the Apple TV. Everything was grand.

They liked the Apple TV experience so much they decided to buy one for home. I tried to convince Dorothy to buy my old Apple TV when the new Apple TV came out but she didn’t fall for it and bought a new one of her own. You’d think this would be a happy ending, but something odd happened. A large percentage of their movies that played just fine on the old generation 3 Apple TV wouldn’t run on the new generation 4 Apple TV.
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