What is CES Like?

Steve & I jump for 96 Nikon DSLRsThe first thing you need to know about CES is that everyone who attends has a completely different experience.

If you’re a vendor, it’s a grueling grind. You probably travel long distances (many vendors are non-English speaking Chinese people who must have had horrible flights over), you stand in a booth for 12 hours or more either hoping people will come by or dreading the hoards that come by.

If you’re a buyer, you’re making deals, having meetings, trying to get that best price. You’re in suites in the hotels grinding away at the reps for the vendors.
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CCATP #420 Bart Busschots Programming By Stealth 6 of x (Introducing CSS)

In the 6th installment of Bart Busschots’ Programming by Stealth series, he introduces the concept of CSS to allow us to format our html pages. He gives us an overview of terminology, explains the different ways to add CSS to an HTML document, explains the basic syntax, and finally gives us some examples of text attribute changes. You can find his detailed shownotes at bartbusschots.ie/….

Also note that he’s now created a short url for us to be able to see all of the Programming By Stealth tutorials all in one place (along with an adorable logo) at http://bartb.ie/pbs.

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