CCATP #421 Chuck Joiner on Apple Watch Fitness and Gear for Video Interviews

Chuck Joiner of the MacVoices podcast joins us to talk about how the simple reminder of the little loops on the Apple Watch Activity app got him to stand up once and hour, do a little exercise and start to feel better. We then move into conversation about how he records his video interviews for shows like CES. He’s a one man band with a cool rig you’ll want to hear about.

Links to some of the gear he talked about:

You can find Chuck at and on all the social media platforms as ChuckJoiner.

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CES 2016: Catalyst Waterproof Apple Watch Case

Last week on the podcast I told you about June Lai who had a terrible travel day and yet performed as a trouper for our interview. This is that interview. Notice in particular how she manages to show us the screen on her watch and her phone and take a photo all at the same time without breaking her own arm in half!

Allison interviews Catalyst’s Founder and CEO, June Lai, about their new waterproof case for the Apple Watch. The Catalyst case is suitable for rain, splashing, accidental submersion, showering, bathing, surface swimming and shallow snorkeling. The case exposes the Apple Watch face for direct access to the touchscreen and all Watch features are fully functional. The case also provides true sound using acoustic membranes. The Catalyst case is shipping now. The setting is the CES Pepcom Digital Experience show floor.

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