Receive Notifications with Ditto

Ditto tiny in my palmOne of the coolest things about the Pebble watch, and now Apple and Android watches how they give you notifications on your wrist. It’s not that you HAVE to be notified instantly of every single thing with interruptions, rather the exact opposite. Having notifications on your wrist allows you to quickly see what you DON’T have to deal with. Let’s say I’m out for a walk with the dog and I get a notification. I can flick my wrist and quickly see that it’s nothing important, so I don’t need to respond quickly. However, if it’s someone sending an important notification, maybe I do want to stop and pull out my phone and dictate a response to hold them over till I get home.

$300 for an Apple Watch is an awful lot of money for this functionality. I get a lot more out of it than just notifications, but if you can’t justify that kind of money, maybe a simple $40 device that only does notifications would give you what you need. This is where Ditto from SimpleMatters for iOS and Android comes into play.
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