Make Your Own Fire

Allister here, still standing in for Allison.

About a month ago, Allison wrote a blog post entitled “I have made fire!” which briefly chronicled how she had imagined a change she wanted to make to a scripted, automated backup of the server and how she made that change all by herself, using knowledge gained in the last few years from Bart’s teachings on Chit Chat Across The Pond.

The final sentence in that post was this.

I know this is a silly little example, but it makes me so very happy to have been able to do such a simple little procedure, ALL BY MYSELF.

I agree, it is a silly little example. But I also know how happy it made Allison because I’ve been hooked on that feeling for over 30 years. If you’re listening to this podcast, there’s a reasonable chance you have an interest in technology, but how deep does your interest go? Continue reading “Make Your Own Fire”

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