CCATP #472 – Bart Busschots PBS 28 – CSS Attribute Selectors & HTML Buttons

In this week’s installment of Programming By Stealth, Bart teaches us about how to change the look of HTML buttons using their CSS attributes. It’s great fun, but I have to confess we don’t actually get to the new stuff till over an hour into the show! We had so much fun going through the homework from last time that we lost track of time. I was so excited because I’d worked really hard on my homework this time and was able to actually conquer the first two parts (with some help from my friends) but I did struggle a bit with the third piece where I had to assemble them together. Anyway, we decided it’s ok if you skip ahead to the CSS parts if you like; it starts at an hour and six minutes in.

As always the full written tutorial with examples is at…

mp3 download

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