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You Had One Job, TrackR

Trackr with no circleI’m a positive person, so if I don’t like a product, you won’t hear me review it. I’ll usually write to the company selling the product instead and tell them where they can improve. That’s why you don’t often hear me tell you not to buy something.

But I’m going to make an exception today. Please don’t buy the TrackR. TrackR is a coin-sized device that you’re supposed to hook on your keychain, throw in your luggage or purse, or hook to Fido so you can find these things if they ever get lost.

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NAB 2017: Quarterback Live HD TV for Smartphone

Allison interviews Bonnie Beeman, CEO of Airwavs, about their new Quarterback portable TV. Quarterback provides live, over-the-air HD TV to your smartphone while also serving as a battery case. The Quarterback has a built-in antenna to receive TV signals directly from broadcast towers, not over cell or WiFi networks. Quarterback includes an adjustable kickstand built in to the case for hands-free viewing and it comes in five colors. Quarterback is currently pursuing crowdfunding with models for Android phones expected to deliver in Q3 2017 and iOS models in Q4 2017. Learn more at

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