CCATP #584 – Dave Hamilton on Mesh Routers

Dave Hamilton of the Mac Geek Gab and The Mac Observer joins us to talk routers, and mesh routers in particular. He explains the difference between a range extender with a traditional router vs. a modern mesh router system. He explains why some IoT devices demand a dedicated 2.4GHz network (or at least they used to). He explains what the marketing numbers mean on routers, like AC2600 and in fact he “does the math”. We talk about the importance of the number of antennas, band steering and beam forming. He explains SU-MIMO vs MU-MIMO and why we can’t have it but why mesh gives us many of the same advantages. He explains Quality of Service and why you might want to turn it on. Finally he gives us his short list of good mesh router manufacturers, while answering the question everyone is asking, whether it’s of concern that Amazon recently purchased Eero.

You can find Dave at and on Twitter @DaveHamilton. Here’s a link to the article we referred to about how to test your true internal network speeds using the terminal command iperf:…

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