2.4GHz Network Restored With the USB 3 Hub in Place

Usb3 spectrum diagram as describedLast week I told the story of my work with Apple to diagnose a misbehaving 2.4GHz wireless network. The TL;DR (too long, didn’t read) version is that my 2.4GHz wireless network for my Internet of Things devices was being affected by my Anker 10-port USB 3 hub.

During the live show (podfeet.com/live) George from Tulsa and Horse said in the chat room that interference between USB 3 and 2.4GHz WiFi networks is a known issue. Drew also made a comment on the blog post I posted in the topic, mentioning that there were a lot of comments about that problem on the Amazon reviews on the hub I had purchased.

I did some research on my own about this and discovered an Apple Support Article about this very problem. I’m a tad disappointed that my little friend Daniel from Apple didn’t know about this. In any case, the support article included this paragraph:
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NC #567 Two-Factor Authentication Clarified, Diagnosing a Failing 2.4GHz Network, Podfeet Redirects, Security Bits

We’ll start with a clarification from Bart on how this two-factor authorization works. Then we’ll have fun with redirects as I explain that there’s a podfeet url for whatever you want. I’ll tell you about our amazing adventure trying to figure out what was killing just our 2.4GHz wifi network. In Security Bits, Bart will bring us up to speed on the latest with the FBI vs. Apple story, and he’ll explain how no users lost data in the first real world Mac Ransomware Attack.

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What Could Kill Just the 2.4GHz WiFi Network?

2.4 ghz logo I made all by myselfThe new hip thing today is these Internet of Things devices, right? Steve and I have been dipping our toes in with the Ring video doorbell, the Chimes that go with it, the Hue Lights that automatically change in time with The Expanse series on SyFy, the Nest Protect smoke alarm that’ll tell us if there’s a fire even if we’re not home, and the Wemo Switches that turn on our hot water pump so we have toasty hot water when we need it.

But they all rely on one really important thing. They need to be able to connect to the our home WiFi network to do their various duties.

A while ago we had a little power blip, nothing major, over in a minute or two. It knocked all of the devices off line. Some of them came back by themselves, but some of them didn’t. The Ring Chimes seemed particularly difficult to get back onto our network. Remember, everything is fiddly, right? Continue reading “What Could Kill Just the 2.4GHz WiFi Network?”

Yet Again the Answer is 2.4GHz Separation

Foscam camera on Amazong for $62About four years ago, my son-in-law Nolan bought Lindsay a webcam from a company called Foscam so that she could watch her dog Dodger. She followed the instructions to set it up to a wired Ethernet connection and it worked perfectly. From her Mac or her iPhone she could control the camera, move it around and watch the room. The only problem was that her router isn’t in the area where Dodger hangs out during the day. No problem, the Foscam should work wirelessly as well. But for some reason she could never get it to work.

Over the years, every once in a while we poked around at it and gave up. But this weekend we went to see them again and I decided to attack it full force. I started with a wired connection so we could take it one step at a time.

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