CES 2019: MPowerd Portable Solar-Powered Lights

Allison interviews John Salzinger from MPowerd about their range of portable solar-powered lights. John shows MPowerd’s LED Luci Lights which are all waterproof, collapsible, and very lightweight. Luci lights stay illuminated for hours on a single charge and provide a clean and affordable alternative to kerosene or propane lamps. They’re perfect for when you need to carry a light with you, such as camping, or when you need a handy light around the house. MPowerd takes some of the proceeds of their Luci Light sales to provide additional Luci Lights to their nonprofit partners who send these lights to people living without access to electricity. Luci Lights are used for life-saving search & rescue missions, disaster relief, improving community health and safety, education initiatives and families who live without access to electricity. The setting is the Showstoppers show floor at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Learn more at https://mpowerd.com/

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