Macstock 2019: Creativity – Make Your Own Adventure Game

When Mike Potter said the theme of Macstock 2019 would be “Create!” Allison was disappointed because she believed she was not at all artistic or musical so she didn’t think she was creative. Then she realized that there are all kinds of creativity, and creating a podcast each week is a form of creativity.

In this talk, Allison plays a “Make Your Own Adventure” game where the audience gets to pick the adventure she’s been on as a result of picking up a microphone in May 2005. Allison uses a pretty cool trick in Keynote to allow her to go on different paths within the slide deck, and she teaches that trick towards the end of the talk.

The format for Macstock is that each speaker gets a 20-minute introductory talk on the main stage and then a 45-minute Deep Dive. Allison goes through two adventures in the first part, then you’ll see a transition to the Deep Dive where she walks through the other three adventures.

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